The Power of Shrinkage!

As promised… Pics of my shrinkage after my hair dried 100%!

Pics on the left my hair is wet. Pics on the right my hair after it dried.

I think you can best tell from the back pics by the tshirt I was wearing.




Just finished a wash n’ go adding gel to my hair to help separate & define the curls.

Cleansed my hair with an ACV Rinse after cowashing with cool water & Suave Naturals Conditioner.

For this wash n’ go I used only Tresemme Naturals Conditioner & Argan Eco Styler Gel only.

I’m air drying my hair… No Heat!

I added the gel in preparation to trim my ends soon. I’ll trim my ends once my hair is 100% dry.

Stay tuned for the video coming soon!


New Beginnings!

Today was the end of a season that strengthened, grew, stretched, equipped, empowered & built me.

Today is also the beautiful beginnings of a new season for me. A season that will exercise my faith but I’m ready for the journey ahead!

Because of my obedience to God I have so much joy & peace! I let go, I threw up my hands & He is blessing every step that I take & every plan that I make. I’m no longer afraid!

As my sister @mezell24 always yells in the climax of our dance & worship “LET’S GO!!!”

Truly I tell you, whoever says to this mountain, Be lifted up and thrown into the sea! and does not doubt at all in his heart but believes that what he says will take place, it will be done for him. For this reason I am telling you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe (trust and be confident) that it is granted to you, and you will [get it]. (Mark 11:23, 24 AMP)

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Sleek Side Bun

Protective styling with a sleek side bun!

My hair was dry & in major need of water. So, I rinsed it thoroughly with cool water, detangled with conditioner, sectioned then styled.

YouTube video tutorial coming soon! 🎥💁

#memygirlsandournaturalcurls #sidebun


Protective Style

Look who’s protective styling this week! Me 😱 Can you believe it?

This is my 3rd day & I’m planning to wear this style until Saturday if it holds up. 🙏

This was totally not planned. I’m finding that as my hair is getting longer it’s tangling more & more. This tangling has caused some breakage that I’m certainly not happy about. I believe that because my hair has a tight coily curl the strands are wrapping around each other. This of course creates knots & tangles the longer my hair gets.

I’ve come to the conclusion that my wash n’ go days are coming to an end or at least will have to be very far & few going forward. Especially, if I hope to meet my goals if retaining length and growing my hair to waist length. 😔 I’m sad because I love my wash n’ goes.

I plan to wear more stretched styles like braidouts & twistouts. This means that when I’m done washing my hair I will have to apply conditioner as normal then braid or twist it into sections. If you follow my blog or Youtube channel you know that my hair takes a long time to dry. Usually, one full day in a wash n’ go. When it has been braided or twisted it takes at least 2 days to be 100% dry.

To achieve this style I had my hair sectioned into 12 random braids. To keep the ends from coiling I rolled the ends using cold wave rods to stretch the curl.

Of course, when I woke up the next morning my hair wasn’t dry so, I couldn’t take my braids down.

Healthy Hair Tip: Never take braids/twist down unless your hair is 100% dry because it causes frizz. Frizz causes tangles, messy looking hair, breakage, & is prone to dryness.

My hair would have been frizz nation had I taken it down because it was still pretty wet. Hence, the protective style!

What’s a girl to do? I was in a rush to get to work so I took out the cold wave rods & split my braids down the middle. I then gathered a section on one side & began to roll inward starting at the top working my way to the bottom. Once I got to the end I folded it up and stretched over to the other side & secured with bobby pins.
I repeated this same step on the opposite side.

For the edges I smoothed with gel using a toothbrush.

This style has now lasted me 3 days!💃
To keep it overnight I tie it with my satin scarf & take it off in the morning!

I’m hoping it will last all week & I’ll take it down Saturday for some fun. I’m sure I’ll have a great braidout that may last even longer! ☝️😀